CXIAF 2021 – 21st International Xinjiang Agricultural Exhibition

The Xinjiang International Agricultural Fair has been held since 2001 and is the largest in size and number of participants in the Central Asian region. CXIAF is held annually on August 8-9 in the Chinese city of Urumqi (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Northwest China).
The fair is designed to create a trade and investment platform for entrepreneurs, introduce visitors to the peculiar types of agricultural products of Xinjiang and inland China, and ease the difficulties of marketing agricultural products of the autonomous region.
CXIAF is often referred to as the “Agricultural Olympics.” While 827 companies from 13 countries participated here in 2008, the 9th Xinjiang International Agricultural Fair CXIAF 2009 attracted 987 companies from 15 countries and the exhibition area reached 26,000 square meters.
CXIAF 2016 gathered 1,500 well-known companies from 26 countries
CXIAF 2017 was held in Xinjiang International Exhibition Center, XUAR on an area of 60000 square meters.
CXIAF is an important platform for business negotiations and cooperation between manufacturers and buyers.

Concurrent events include a forum on “Status and Prospects of Irrigation Fertilizer Application System in Xinjiang”, a business meeting between producers and farmers.
CXIAF at Xinjiang International Exhibition Center. Simultaneous events – “Xinjiang Irrigation Fertilizer Application System Status and Perspective” forum, business meeting between producers and farmers.

Agricultural enterprises, farms, food and processing industry enterprises, amateur gardeners and owners of private farms will take part in the exhibition. A wide range of products will be presented here: vegetables, gardening tools, seedlings of fruit and berry crops, as well as livestock products.

  • Exhibition profiles:
  • All kinds of organic and inorganic fertilizers, soil improvers, surfactants and biological technologies and products that help improve the quality of seeds and increase yields.
  • Pesticides: insecticides, antiseptics, herbicides, rodenticides, nematocides, acaricides, insect population regulators, pesticides, algicides, repellents, fumigators, environmentally friendly pesticides, etc.
  • Organic chemicals, intermediates, process gases, acids, alkaloids, inorganic salts and raw materials, basic organic chemicals
  • Equipment for processing, packaging and coating of seeds and seedlings, new technologies